20 true words: lesson

the crisp crunch underboot of Kansas-dry Kentucky bluegrass– the earth contracting, cracks– this is how one lets loose her roots

20 true words: MIL

for her, hands are a marker of age and class– calloused bitten bloody worn and capable– she gifts me lotion. Georgia O’Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz …blogs.loc.gov Alfred Stieglitz | Georgia O’Keeffe–Hands | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

20 true words: parenting

She says she can’t relate because she has never lost anyone. Knowing she will, I teach her to love anyway.

20 true words: totally a cat person

Teenagers are like cats: sleepy, scruffy, smelly, sometimes hissy—beautiful, cruel— the more affection you crave, the less they allow.

20 true words: grimace

I hear you say again, “Smile.” “Emily, smile.” “Smile!” “Okay, I know you think you are smiling, but you’re not.”

20 true words

The siren song of my anxiety trills three minutes after you close the door. Will I know, when you’re gone?