the 20 true words project

This is my project–in the spirit of Jack Handy’s “Deep Thoughts” on SNL–20 true words/day. Will you write with me?

20 true words: BOGO

“Are you wearing rose-tinted glasses?” “Yes. I am. I paid good money for these, for the end of the world.”

20 true words: Mid-apocalypse,

our children are all bruised fruit. We, as mothers, yearn to remove their skin to wear–to love– them ripe again. Licensable1,124 Bruised Fruit Stock Photos … Under the unsightly exterior, bruised fruit might contain better nutrition – Michigan Gardener

20 true words: junk in my trunk

a potpourri of goldfish, crayons, and Thai fish sauce Charles Griffes a grubby little book about Evangelicals 16 used masks

20 true words: face it

DNA, like an invasive species, draws our epilogues onto our faces. You can bet your fat black watch on it.