“Popping Bubbles”

Video. Music by Don Freund. Words by Emily Bobo. “I tried to capture in music something analogous to the worldview I sense in Emily’s poems: strongly rooted in day-to-day reality, but ready to transform at the pop of a bubble into something magical, transfigured, and transcendent” (Don Freund).

Bobo Books Project: Turning poems into sandwiches

Interview. “Bobo Books: A Salute to the Sustaining Power of Poetry.” Article. “The power of poetry will soon be able to feed local children in need of a little help” (Associated Press).

Fugue in Review

Review. “Throughout this collection, Bobo ‘tends the wound’ of not playing piano through parable, epistle, and child-like declamations, layering rich contrapuntal melodies sung on the theme of loss” (Robert Peake). Fugue. Available from Lost Horse Press.

from “Piano Letters”

Audio. “You never sit with me, touch me, play me, anymore. Acappella? Baby, you never could hold a pitch.”

from “Postcards from Faerie Land”

Audio. “after you read Emily Bobo’s ‘Postcards from Faerie Land,’ you’ll never think of fairy tales as children’s stories again’” (Gianna Jacobson).

“I Know What Love Is”

Audio. “And she knew love had to hurt because no one had ever said ‘I love you’ unless they had hurt her first, so she took up with the piano.”