20 true words: BOGO

“Are you wearing rose-tinted glasses?” “Yes. I am. I paid good money for these, for the end of the world.”

20 true words: Mid-apocalypse,

our children are all bruised fruit. We, as mothers, yearn to remove their skin to wear–to love– them ripe again. Licensable1,124 Bruised Fruit Stock Photos …istockphoto.com Under the unsightly exterior, bruised fruit might contain better nutrition – Michigan Gardener

20 true words: junk in my trunk

a potpourri of goldfish, crayons, and Thai fish sauce Charles Griffes a grubby little book about Evangelicals 16 used masks

20 true words: face it

DNA, like an invasive species, draws our epilogues onto our faces. You can bet your fat black watch on it.