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45568 ENGL 214 01N N1 3.0 Introduction to Poetry – 1st 8 weeks – Hybrid R 11:00 am-01:50 pm 4 20 Emily Bobo 01/17/19-03/09/19

This class reads poetry from Homer to Beyonce and writes about how poets create meaning within and across poems, exploring how poetry matters in the wider world (speak truth to power!) by applying literary lenses, such as, historical, gender, mythological, or psychological criticism.

(Pre-req: ENGL 111.) (Direct transfer to IU.)


45671 ENGL 203 01N N1 3.0 Advanced Creative Writing – 2nd 8 weeks R 11:00 am-01:50 pm 2 22 Emily Bobo 03/19/19-05/11/19 MAIN

This class writes poems, from elegies to sonnets to song lyrics. Come explore your creativity with me!

(Pre-reqs: ENGL 111 and ENGL 202.) (Transfers to IU as undistributed credit.)

These classes occur in consecutive 8 week formats (1st 8 wks, then 2nd 8 wks). So, you could enroll in both!

Image by Linda Barry

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