the 20 true words project

I need to write. I cannot write. I need to write.

Writer’s block? Me, too. Overwhelmed? Exhausted? Lost? Me, too. Nervous? Don’t be. Join me in lowering standards and letting what is just be. You don’t have to write a novel. You don’t have to be poetic. The bar is low.

This is my project–in the spirit of Jack Handy’s “Deep Thoughts”–20 true words/day throughout June, July, and August.

What do I mean “true”? I mean not untrue. I mean seeking to find the universal, the archetypal. I mean “Truth” capital “T,” as worthy of Dickinson, but with the wit and swagger of Whitman. I mean Hughes and O’Hara and Oliver and Gluck. I mean Shire, Satie, McSweeney’s , and The National Enquirer.

*Sharing optional. To share your words, reply in a comment on FaceBook or leave a comment here on any post that ignites you.


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